Bullet Proof Documentation for Acupuncturists – Course Outline

Course gives 5 AOM-BIO PDAs and/or 5 Level 1 CAB CEUs (California)
You will have 60 days access.

This course presents the essentials of proper documentation standards in
the health care profession for acupuncturists. What information to include
for the initial E/M encounter as well as daily treatment notes and
re-examination encounters. Suggested exams, findings and signs for
various body regions. The use of various outcome assessments, and sample
letters of medical necessity.

Section One
Types of Documentation
Initial E/M Information
Handouts included

Section Two
Chart Notes and Background
Exams of the Neck
Handouts included

Section Three
Exams for Headache
Mid Back
Low Back
Handouts included

Section Four
Choosing ICD10 Codes
E/M Time
Daily Notes
Letters of Medical Necessity

Handouts include: Cheat sheet of E/M Codes,ICD10 Codes, CPT Codes, Exams, Sample Letters of Medical Necessity and much more.