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Have you heard what they are saying about Mori West Seminars?

Hi guys.

I wanted to make sure I put in words how grateful we are that you came out here to teach us. I feel like your course really tied up a lot of loose ends in my understanding of billing practices. I was very impressed and pleased with the information that was presented by both of you.

 I wish we could have you here even more than once per year so we can improve the status of L.Ac.'s in New York, and everywhere else for that matter! Have you ever considered creating a practice management class?

Thank you both again. It was truly a pleasure.

Michel A. Solounias, L.Ac.

Vice President - Acupuncture Society of New York

Dear Mori,

     Thank you for the amazing educational experience you provided all of us with this past weekend!  I learned a great deal and it was worth every penny!  I wish I would have had taken your workshop prior to me taking insurance two years ago.                                                                     

  -Laura Bracken, L.Ac   Westminester, MD

Thank you so much Mori! I really enjoyed the class. I am so happy you are in this profession. I was really impressed how thorough you were and how you used simple language to explain sometimes complicated subject. I’ve taken another billing course before but yours was more clear and easier to implement. I feel more confident now billing properly.  You are a tremendous contribution to the acupuncture community! I really mean that!                                                                                                                         

-Melissa Roxas L.Ac   Long Beach, CA

Thank you again for the wonderful seminar. I have recommended your seminar to many of my colleagues.  It was an eye opening experience. If you happen to teach anything else in the future, I will be there.  Thank you.                                                                                                                    

-Sandra Hung L.Ac   Culver City, CA

Thank you for a most excellent billing class on Sunday. Your knowledge and passion would be an asset to any industry, and we acupuncturists are lucky to have you. I have a lot of work to do to apply your teachings to my charting. Thank you so much.                                                  

-Carrie Bleiweiss L.Ac  Portland, Or






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