Our seminars provide acupuncturists with up to date information about insurance billing, insurance coding and best practices in the clinic.  All seminars and webinars include helpful information that can be immediately put to use.  Materials, handouts and digital forms are also available to students.  All classes provide numerous resources that will be used again and again.

Most classes provide NCCAOM and/or State of California continuing education credits.

Mori West, C.P.C.


Mori West is the President of Acuclaims, a well known and respected Medical Billing Company for Acupuncturists and Chiropractors. For over 30 plus years Mori has been providing up to date information regarding billing and coding while donating her time at both the national and state level to insure that correct information regarding insurance billing practices is put forth. She is a popular guest lecturer at Acupuncture Colleges and various State Associations. Her classes provide real-world information that comes from processing thousands of claims each week for acupuncturists across the country. She is known as a lively speaker who entertains and inspires her students.

Dr. Roger West


Dr West has been in private practice as a chiropractor since 1985. Prior to receiving his degree he studied Chinese Martial Arts (Hsing-i,Tai Chi) as well as advanced studies in Feng Shui since 1990. His studies include advanced knowledge in 5 element theory as well as Taoist Cosmology. He has always been an advocate for acupuncture and acupuncturists and has worked along side an acupuncturist in his private practice. He is a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the state of California and has reviewed and commented on thousands of pages of medical records.

Dr. Samina Quraishi, DAC, L.Ac.


Dr. Samina Quraishi, DAC, L.Ac. is the president of Elevate Consulting, a practice management consulting firm specializing in the acupuncture and chiropractic industries. She has 30+ years of experience in accounting and finance. Since 2008, she has owned and operated one of the largest multi-practitioner clinics in Queens, NYC which she now runs remotely. In addition to earning her doctorate degree in acupuncture, Samina earned her business degree in accounting and she is a former auditor for one of the Big 4 accounting firms. She worked as a finance consultant for numerous Fortune 500 multinational organizations. Samina also holds a Florida state teaching certificate for Business Education. Her classes provide the essential business information most were never taught in acupuncture and chiropractic schools.