Beginning Insurance Billing Florida – Course Description

*  Insurance Basics * The No Surprises Act  *Networks and Network Participation * Florida Specific Insurance Information * Medicare * VA CCN Program * CPT Coding  * ICD-10 Coding    * Claim Forms and Electronic Submission and Modifiers *Verification of Benefits and Telehealth

I also provide plenty of handouts.  Cheat sheets for coding CPT and ICD10, pre-filled forms for various types of insurance.  Additional links to resources. 

Examination and Bullet Proof Documentation Florida – Course Description

* Policy Bulletins and Documentation Standards and Purposes *Initial Evaluation and Manage Encounter, Intake Forms, Neck, Headache, Mid Back, Low Back, Shoulder, Knee, E/M Coding and Timing *Daily Treatment Notes, Re- Evaluation and Meaningful Improvement * Medical Necessity * Florida Laws, Audits and Requests for Records 

We’ve developed a Simple Exam Quick Reference Guide as well as a cheat sheet on E/M guidelines which include HPI, Palpation guidelines and pain frequencies.  Sample progress notes and sample letters of medical necessity are also included.